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Both Liesbet Bussche and Koen Jacobs embrace an uninhibited approach to jewelry. They represent two extremes of the present Dutch art jewelry scene. By referencing the wearing and use of jewelry, they succeed to stir our imagination. A good sense of ‘jewelryness’ is what connects these two artists: their craftmanship and enquiring minds, precision of working, and the rich and wide choice of materials and techniques stems from a thorough, long-term training. The work appeals to our longing for preciousness, and makes us aware of jewelry in new ways. A marionet can turn into an ornament for one’s personal space, a wooden jewelry box can become an intimate monument for a dropped necklace. 



Liesbet Bussche’s ongoing research into the presence of jewelry in our daily life has resulted in an iconic series of blueprint posters 11 Pieces of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own (according to the Gemological Institute of America), Urban Jewelry projects in Amsterdam and Namur, and delicate jewelry boxes made of luxurious types of wood with inlaid mother-of-pearl necklaces. Streets and Stones, merges the street and minerals into a box filled with 12 beautiful but odd stones shaped after scientific models of mineral. 

Koen Jacobs’s touching marionettes recall childhood memories, and are inspired by children’s drawings of animals. Skeleton structures of animals are highlighted with all kinds of colorful ornaments from pearls, resin, and amethyst to sand and shells. The marionets should be enlivened by playing with them. Koen Jacobs also made shoulder pieces, pendants and brooches as ready-to-wear off-springs of his marionettes. 


17-24 nov. New York Jewelry Week 2019

Hosted by The Jewelry Library in New York, 1239 Broadway, New York, NY 

Curated by Liesbeth den Besten and Alexandra van Strien - de Groot.

Artists Liesbet Bussche and Koen Jacobs

Supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL,

and the Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York.



Shoulder piece

Silver, Silicium Carbide, 


35 x 8 x 18 cm 

Koen Jacobs 2019

DSC09284 2.jpeg

Dragão do mar (l)

Wearable marionette

Silver, resin, sand, shells

29 x 18 x 55 cm 

Koen Jacobs 2018

Flamingo (r)

Wearable marionette

Silver, Amethyst

22 x 18 x 54 cm 

Koen Jacobs 2018

Schermafbeelding 2019-12-19 om 18.27.34.
Tartaruga Marinha.jpg
Schermafbeelding 2019-12-19 om 18.31.59.

Tartaruga Marinha

Wearable marionette

Silver, Silicium Carbide, peridot

20 x 23 x 46 cm 

Koen Jacobs 2019


Unicórnio (r)

Wearable marionette

Silver, Labradorite,

Celadonite, Amethyst

23 x 8 x 52 cm 

Koen Jacobs 2019

Jacaré (l)

Double brooch/ object

Silver, silicium carbide, 


35 x 19 x 5 cm 

Koen Jacobs 2018


Flor de Medusa (r)

Wearable marionette

Silver, resin, sand, shells, 

black pearl

11 x 10 x 54 cm 

Koen Jacobs 2018

Água-Viva editie broches

Various designs

Silver, resin, beach sand,

shells, Pearl 

± 5 x 5 x 2 cm

Koen Jacobs 2018

Água-Viva (l)

Wearable marionette

Silver, resin, sand, shells, 

pink pearl

11 x 11 x 56 cm 

Koen Jacobs 2018

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