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Junior, Kinder, Wunderkind, Sunday Child A playroom for friends who meet 2019

Borboleta (l)


Silver, silicium carbide,

hematite, cord

14 x 8 x 6 cm

Koen Jacobs 2019

Pescado (m)


Silver, shells, beach-

sand, cord

17 x 5 x 9 cm

Koen Jacobs 2019

Please join us on January 9th for the exposition with jewelry works from Koen Jacobs and Aaron Decker. Akin to their most recent artistic explorations - Marionette pendants, animal figures, enameled rings and starry brooches come together in the first duo showing of these artists. Born from the idea of two childhood strangers coming meeting for the first time, trepidations, innocence , and vulnerability permeate these playful pieces and create a home, a playroom, a playground, and these objects which are housed their. Two how have never met, kids in their own right, their jewelry coming together in a room where the pieces will meet.


On show at Riutta Gallery, Lappeenranta/ Finland.

9 Jan. - 3 Feb. 2019


Photograph: Koen Jacobs


Girafa (r)


Silver, Pyrite, cord

Koen Jacobs 2019


Água-Viva (l)

Wearable marionette

Silver, resin, sand, shells, 

pink pearl

11 x 11 x 56 cm 

Koen Jacobs 2018

Passarinho (m)


Silver, Citrine, Pearl, cord

16 x 4 x 9 cm

Koen Jacobs 2019


Dragão do mar (r)

Wearable marionette

Silver, resin, sand, shells

29 x 18 x 55 cm 

Koen Jacobs 2018

Jacaré (r)

Double brooch/ object

Silver, silicium carbide, Fimo

35 x 19 x 5 cm 

Koen Jacobs 2018

Flamingo (l)

Wearable marionette

Silver, Amethyst

22 x 18 x 54 cm 

Koen Jacobs 2018

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