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Wearable marionette

Silver, Avaiki Pearl, resin

53 x 7 x 7 cm

Koen Jacobs 2018



Soul originates from the old gothic word Saiwala which means “belonging to the sea”,  from the belief that souls originate in and return to the sea. To me the soul is as elusive and mysterious as the sea. The source of creation and life. A jellyfish belongs to the sea, since it’s body consist of about 95% of water and moves along with the currents, guided by Mother Nature. Just like we follow our soul during life. Recently a jellyfish has been discovered that can return the process of ageing and is used by Scientists in the desire to crack the key of immortality.

On show at 21 GRAM exhibition at China Art Crafts museum, Hangzhou. Part of  Contemporary International Jewelry and Metalwork Triennial.

7 nov. - 7 dec. 2018

Photograph: Koen Jacobs

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