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Lion Fish

Moving object,

carrying a golden ring.

Silver, acrylic glass,

gold, pearls. 

Koen Jacobs 2010

Gold- and Silversmith studies  2008 - 2012

A selection of jewellery and objects I made during my gold- and silversmith studies at the International Silver-Gold-Smithery School Schoonhoven, the Netherlands. I was fascinated about being able to transform an idea into a technically complicated beautiful piece of jewellery. 

Photography: Vakschool Schoonhoven and Koen Jacobs

Link Bracelet

Silver, resin, steel

Koen Jacobs 2010

Cone Ring


Koen Jacobs 2008

Shell Brooch

Silver, chalcedony 

Koen Jacobs 2008

Koen Jacobs 2009

Fish Necklace

Link necklace,

Silver, aluminium

Koen Jacobs 2009


Silver, Swiss Blue Topaz

Koen Jacobs 2012

Golden wire ring

First piece I made in gold.

Gold, black pearl

Koen Jacobs 2010

Fruit plate with trays

Silver plated brass, anodised aluminium,


Koen Jacobs 2011

Silver vase

Forged out of a flat sheet

of silver, during my one 

year silversmithing course 

Koen Jacobs 2011

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