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Chokhmah - Koen Jacobs.jpg


Wearable marionette

Silver, Antique Chinese-

Porcelain, Pyrite, Avaiki Pearl 
25 x 9 x 44 cm 

Koen Jacobs 2018


Scatters wit.jpg

When God created the earth, he wanted to radiate his divine light to create life. This light was so powerful that it would destroy everything it touches. To break the light, 10 vases were create to function as a filter. However the divine light was so strong that it broke 7 vases into shards which were scattered around the world, which caused evil. The shards are waiting to be reunited with God.

I made a dragon that consists of 10 vases and just like the Chinese dragon is constructed from elements of different animal species. Some people believe that it was necessary for the vases to break in order bring diversity into the creation of life. My dragon gathers the divine shards and symbolises the choice of mankind between good and evil.



On show at "The Palace of the Shattered Vessels", Chinese porcelain and contemporary jewelry, FROOTS & Nogart at Frame 2019 during the Munich Jewellery Week. March 2019



Photograph: Koen Jacobs


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