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Anker 2

Metamorphoses 2020-22

Metamorphoses is inspired by men getting out of touch with nature. The Roman poet Ovidius, describes in his poems Metamorphoses beautifully how the harmony between men and nature got disturbed by gods pursuing earthly desires, just like men today. In classical times the longing for getting back to harmony was symbolised in hybrids of men and nature which can be seen in many fresco’s in the form of centaurs, fauns and so on.

By bringing these mythological figures to live, trough silver wire drawings on top of chiselled shapes, I hope to inspire you to get in harmony with nature again. 

The Artificial Kingdom 2017/19

My work is about reliving memories of my childhood. An escape to a child’s naive dreamworld, where they playfully discover the world around them and the beauty of nature. A skeleton is a carrier of past memories and a device for recreating them. Wearing and playing my marionette animal-skeletons will trigger childhood memories and evoke the naive playful child in you. Just like time adds layers to nature and memories, my animal-skeletons are in a process of transformation, creating a new image.

Anker 1

Koen Jacobs

Koen Jacobs (1989) started his studies at the Vocational School for Gold and Silversmiths, Jewelers and Watchmakers in Schoonhoven/NL, where he took the 4-years course in gold and silversmithing. Subsequently he studied for one year at Alchimia, school of Contemporary Jewelry in Florence, and further at the Rietveld Academy Jewelry Department and the Jewelry Class at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. He graduated at the Rietveld Academy in 2017. Since 2014 he is the assistant of Ruudt Peters.

His Artificial Kingdom marionettes were nominated and awarded in competitions in 2017, 18 and 19. His work has been exhibited in different international jewelry exhibitions in The Netherlands, Italy, and Finland. It was part of Preziosa Young 2019 in Florence, Munich and Paris.

Written by Author and Art historian Liesbeth den Besten


based in Amsterdam/ NL

Upcoming Exhibitions

Museum Arnhem Ten Minste Houdbaar Tot

5 Apr. 2022 - 9 jan. 2023 

Museum Arnhem

Utrechtseweg 87

6812AA Arnhem/ NL


Sieraden expositie Vrijpaleis Amsterdam

27 - 29 May 2022 


Paleisstraat 107

1012ZL Amsterdam/ NL

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